Radical No-Go Zone Imam Claims Swedish Flag for 'Heretics'

Radical No-Go Zone Imam Claims Swedish Flag for 'Heretics'

A radical Islamist imam in the Malmö no-go zone of Rosengård has claimed that Muslims carrying Swedish flags are “heretics” as the flag contains a Christian cross.

Imam Basem Mahmoud, also known as Abu Hamza, has a history of allegedly preaching hatred against Jews and others he deems “infidels”, with Swedish media having reported on his hate-filled sermons six months ago.

Despite the imam being reported to the police for incitement to racial hatred, he continues to preach hateful sermons weekly at the al-Sahaba Mosque in Rosengård, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.

According to the newspaper, the imam became angry seeing high schools students waving Swedish flags and said in a sermon: “Those who carry crosses should not be offered prayer because it is our belief that these people are perfect heretics.”

“Some Arab-background students, particularly those linked to Palestine, are said to even praise Nazi leader Adolf Hitler

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