Quibi Turns Rachel Hollis’s ‘Unfiltered Honesty’ Into Highly Produced Nothing

Quibi Turns Rachel Hollis’s ‘Unfiltered Honesty’ Into Highly Produced Nothing

Lifestyle influencer and self-help author Rachel Hollis has an authenticity problem. It’s not a lack of authenticity, as that’s what her millions Instagram and Facebook followers flock to her morning live streams and popular podcast for. Rather, the moment she moves to monetize the “unfiltered honesty” and inspirational girl boss brand she’s built, it becomes inauthentic, and even worse, boring.

Such is the case with Hollis’s new show on Quibi, the app that sells “quick bite” episodes of entertainment in an attempt to fill in the gap between short videos on social media and traditional half-hour television episodes. “The Rachel Hollis Show” boldly claims to teach viewers how to “level up your life,” in daily videos that usually run less than six or seven minutes.

Each episode has two segments that follow a broad weekly theme like community, relationships, or finances. The first half always features Hollis, standing in a bright white studio giving a monologue that echoes the

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