Q&A With Claire Chase: Businesswoman Running To Win Back A Trump District


In 2016, President Donald Trump won New Mexico’s 2nd district (NM-2) by ten points. Since 2000, NM-2 has consistently voted red in presidential elections, but in 2018 the district took a blue turn and elected Democrat Xochitl Torres Small.

Democrats flipped a total of 41 seats in the House of Representatives in 2018, including NM-2. The Cook Partisan Voting Index rates how strongly a congressional district leans Democratic or Republican Party. NM-2 scored R+6, indicating it should have been an easy win for the Republicans.

Now, Claire Chase, New Mexican businesswoman and mother of two, is running to win back her historically red district. The Federalist sat down with Chase to discuss her plans for NM-2 if elected.

Chrissy Clark (CC): What are some of the key points of your platform? What are the things that you’re laying in bed at night thinking about and waking up in the morning energized about?

Claire Chase (Chase): The number one issue

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