Pursuing The American Dream Through Military Service 

Pursuing The American Dream Through Military Service 

“For today’s youth, the American Dream may already be dead.”

Of all the preposterous things spoken and written repeatedly in the media over the last year, this singular statement ruffles my feathers more than nearly any other. This simple thought promotes fear, intensifies pessimism, and erects artificial barriers to success in the hearts and minds of our citizens. It kills hope, reinforces discouragement, and feeds a pernicious narrative of the meaninglessness of life.

Oh, and one other thing — it is completely and utterly incorrect.

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The United States of America has endured a year unlike any other in recent history. As we continue emerge from our “long, dark winter” over the next few months, daily life will start to resemble the pre-pandemic era. Children will return to classrooms, state economies will open, and the customary rhythm of life will return.

Despite the significant upheaval of the past year, both personal and universal, the exceptional excess of opportunities available to United States citizens will far outlive the

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