Puerto Rico Could Be Given Statehood Soon

Puerto Rico Could Be Given Statehood Soon

What do you think about 51 stars on the American flag?

A governor from Puerto Rico is all for it.

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Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi says in March he is expecting legislation to be introduced in Congress that would give statehood to Puerto Rico if passed.

Pierluisi was even quoted saying “what I anticipate is that there will be considerable support for a statehood bill in this Congress,”.

The three million U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico can’t vote for president, have no senators, have one non-voting member in the House, and are treated unequally under federal law. A majority of Puerto Ricans voted for statehood. The federal government must respect that vote.

— Stephanie Murphy (@SMurphyCongress) February 12, 2021

WATCH: Puerto Rico governor says Congress "morally obligated" to act on statehood vote https://t.co/s2yZJRv8vZ pic.twitter.com/xfTiLLtAfS

— The Hill (@thehill) February 15, 2021

Congress taking action on Puerto Rico statehood next month, governor says https://t.co/MgeSlknk4m

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