Proud Boys Get Their Hashtag Hijacked on Twitter

Proud Boys Get Their Hashtag Hijacked on Twitter

Proud Boys has been under attack ever since the first presidential debate.

The moderator of the debate, Chris Wallace wanted President Trump to white supremacy, which he has done numerous times very clearly. The President asked for a specific group and as you know Joe Biden blurted out Proud Boys which the President told to, “Stand back and stand by.”

Liberals ate that up and I know some conservatives who thought it was bad, but to me, it was clear he was trying to mimic the language used by Wallace and simply used the wrong phrasing.

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Since that time, the Proud Boys themselves came out and condemned white supremacy. One of the leaders of the group who did so is a black man and another from another chapter of the group is a black Cuban if I’m not mistaken. Liberals seem to forget what white supremacy actually is.

Regardless, the left hates the Proud Boys because they support President

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