Prophet Charlie Shamp: We must Stand for God in America!

Prophet Charlie Shamp: We must Stand for God in America!

I wanted to pass along this message from a guy we have covered here several times in the past, prophet Charlie Shamp.

Charlie just posted a new message that everyone needs to read.

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From his blog, Destiny Encounters:

America is submerged in an ocean of bloodshed year after year, as we continue with the massacre of millions of unborn children across this nation. Doctors suction out the brains of fully formed babies in the womb, stealing the very freedom of their lives and snatching out their dead corpse from the womb before they are able to take their first breathe. Meanwhile, transgenders and homosexuals walk openly in our streets flaunting the most grotesque perversions in parades without a single rebuke from a minister of God. Promiscuous sex, wife swapping and pedophilia are swept under the rug of the major denominations and Indepedent churches of this nation as many look the other way unwilling to clean the skeletons that remain

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