PROPHECY FULFILLED: Robin Bullock, Strange Fires (8/22/21)

PROPHECY FULFILLED: Robin Bullock, Strange Fires (8/22/21)

Anyone else love listening to Robin Bullock?

He has so much knowledge and insight and when he gives a prophetic message you can take it to the bank.

I love showing you when something he prophesied comes to pass.

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And not just the “small stuff” either.

How about something big, like telling us back in August of 2021 that strange fires would suddenly start breaking out all over?

That’s odd, right?

Sure, maybe there are a couple random fires each year that make the news, but not a bunch.

Not so many it starts making headlines.

Well, that’s exactly what Robin told you 9 months ago would happen and for the last 2 weeks you’ve been seeing it play out every single day in the

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