Progressive Piers Morgan Blasts “Santa Joe’s Insane $6Trillion Spending Spree”

Progressive Piers Morgan Blasts “Santa Joe’s Insane $6Trillion Spending Spree”

As America lowers its interest rates to near-0 with no end in site, it incentivizes all of its citizens to spend and gamble in order to maintain or grow their wealth because saving money inevitably leads to loss of wealth as the dollar value declines and inflation skyrockets.

Including Biden’s new ‘stimulus’ spending spree, America has pledged $6 trillion in total during the CCP Virus pandemic.

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Biden claims that his spending won’t tax people making under $400,000 per year, but this is demonstrably false.  At the very least, the ‘printing’ of endless trillions of dollars debases the value of the dollar for every American, regardless of their income.  Especially since 35% of all dollars ever in existence were created in the last 12 months or so and this ‘printing’ only seems to continue accelerating.

This means that the few dollars that normal people do have are worth much much less.

And to make matters so much worse, the

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