Pro-Migration Alejandro Mayorkas Vows to Disrupt Migration Networks

Pro-Migration Alejandro Mayorkas Vows to Disrupt Migration Networks

President Joe Biden’s homeland security chief is promising to disrupt the coyotes’ and cartels’ migrant-delivery business, even though he is also relaying their migrant customers from the border into U.S. jobs.

“We know all too well that these [criminal] organizations put profit over human life with devastating consequences,” Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, told reporters on April 27. He added:

With the help of our federal and foreign partners, we aim to cut off access to that [migration] profit by denying these [transnational] criminal organizations [TCOs] the ability to engage in travel, trade and finance in the United States. We intend to disrupt every facet of the logistical network that these organizations use to succeed. Operation Sentinel will focus on disrupting the transnational criminal organizations that smuggle migrants into the United States.

“Mayorkas and the Biden administration have no credibility,” responded Rob Law, a

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