Pride No More: June 2nd is Ex-Gay Visibility Day

Pride No More: June 2nd is Ex-Gay Visibility Day

Now this is something you won’t hear from main news media.


Because they defend the LGBTQ cult to the death.

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AND they don’t want to acknowledge any ‘apostates’, those that were once members but now reject LGBT lifestyle and repented of their ways.

That’s a BIG NO-NO to them.

It goes against their agenda/doctrine that you’re born that way, so how can you leave?

It’s a lie to ensure they retain membership.

So, on June 2nd, these ‘apostates’ will have their own Visibility Day.

This was suggested by Jennifer Roback Morse, president of The Ruth Institute, in response to Biden’s announcement of Trans Day of Visibility.

Liberals are sure to lose their mind over this.

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