President Trump’s FULL Interview With Maria Bartiromo

President Trump’s FULL Interview With Maria Bartiromo

President Trump was on Sunday Morning Futures with the incomparable Maria Bartiromo this morning and the interview was fantastic (as usual).

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Bartiromo is one of the best interviewers out there because she actually asks the questions we are interested in.

And she doesn’t just put forth MSM talking points.

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Always love seeing our President on Sunday Morning Futures.

President Trump spoke at length this morning about what happened on January 6th and several other topics during the interview.

Here are some of the main points covered:

• He said it was over a million Patriots and that love was in the air (this is the first time he’s ever said it was over 1 million people).

• DJT called for 10,000 national guard on 1/6 and Pelosi turned him down. We knew this.

• They discussed FBI operatives in attendance. What did the FBI know? What did Pelosi

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