President Trump Sets The Record Straight On Gaetz Pardon

President Trump Sets The Record Straight On Gaetz Pardon

Gaetz is definitely in hot water right now.

The MSM just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to somehow bring President Trump into the mix though. A lot of outlets claimed that Gaetz asked President Trump for a pardon.

The thing is; no one even really knows what is going on with the Gaetz allegations. Are they true, or are they untrue?

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If they are true then what are the details surrounding the allegations?

If they aren’t true then who is dragging his name through the mud and why?

Take a look:

. FYI here is some interesting, informative, and official info – Re: Matt Gaetz !

He never asked President Trump to Pardon him ✊🏼#HoldTheLine

— Florida Lavender 🎋 (@LavenderLives) April 7, 2021

Donald Trump Denies Matt Gaetz Asked Him for a Preemptive Pardon via @BreitbartNews

— Beri (@sniffydogs) April 7, 2021

This is what

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