President Trump For Speaker Of The House?

President Trump For Speaker Of The House?

Speaker Trump?

It has a pretty great ring to it doesn’t it?

Sources say that President Trump called the idea of running for House Speaker “interesting,” He has not yet made any concrete plans or anything, but others have put this idea out there before.

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President Trump could run for House Speaker in 2022, and then run again for President in 2024. Pelosi would be removed, the swamp would continue to drain, and the path to a 2024 re-election campaign would be that much stronger.

President Trump could also NEVER run for re-election and choose to stay House Speaker forever…….just like Pelosi has done for years on end.

Either way, it’ll be pretty interesting if this happens!

Here is the latest on the potential bid for House Speaker:

#Trump teases political comeback

Former US President #DonaldTrump has suggested that he would consider running for the speaker seat of the US House in 2022. @MollyGambhir gets you the story

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