President Trump: “Everything is a War. With Me, Life is a War.”

President Trump: “Everything is a War. With Me, Life is a War.”

Even with a ban from the major social media sites, President Trump has not been muted.

Instead, his interviews have given broadcasters HUGE jumps in ratings.

It seems the American people have missed their President’s motivating speeches and interviews.

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If you missed the most recent interview, fear not, as we have all the details and videos below.

On Thursday evening, an interview with President Trump and Bill O’Reilly was made public.

President Trump remained calm, cool, and presidential as he discussed the lawsuit against Big Tech and the crime of the century- the stolen election of 2020.

Former President Trump tells The First's @BillOReilly he's fully prepared to go to "war" with Big Tech.

"Everything is a war. With me, life is war. Yeah, we're prepared and someone had to do it."

Do not miss this fiery interview TONIGHT at 8PM ET:

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) July 8, 2021

.@BillOReilly asks President Trump about

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