President Trump deserved impeachment and deserves conviction

President Trump deserved impeachment and deserves conviction

Donald Trump richly deserves the ignominy of being the first president ever to be twice impeached. His behavior has been effectively seditious, and he has been derelict in his sworn duty.

Some of us think the House erred in how it drafted the article of impeachment. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, a Republican who bravely stood against Trump in the past few months, argued that he would have voted to impeach if the right charge had been brought, but he could not do so for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s poorly aimed attempt. Roy’s concerns are valid.

Still, ample grounds did exist to impeach Trump. Ample grounds abound for the Senate to convict him and make him ineligible for any future office in the federal government.

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The proper ground for Trump’s second impeachment is his pattern and practice of undermining the constitutional system itself, starting with his behavior immediately after the Electoral College met and voted in each individual

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