President Trump Begins Vetting Candidates For 2022!

President Trump Begins Vetting Candidates For 2022!

Ah, the swamp.

Such a deep and troubling place. President Trump is reportedly continuing his crusade to clean up the D.C. establishment, and I couldn’t be more happy!

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He isn’t even in office anymore, and he is still cleaning the place up.

He never even accepted a salary while in office, and he continues to truly serve his country as a private citizen, free of charge.

Not like some people we all know who get six figures to bicker……you know the ones! Pelosi, Romney, Schumer, McConnell, the list goes on and on!

People can say whatever they want about DJT, what they absolutely cannot say is that he doesn’t love America.

Here are the latest developments:

I think Trump should run his own candidate. Spend the next four years vetting candidates, then run them.

Trump became the people’s Presidential Apprentice and has graduated the most difficult Thunderdome Battle Royale—I think he has the

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