President Trump and the Four-Part Case for a Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump and the Four-Part Case for a Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald Trump has finally been recognized for the success of his unorthodox diplomacy, receiving a nomination Wednesday for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize in light of his redoubled efforts to encourage nonviolent conflict resolution in the Middle East.

Here are four compelling reasons Trump deserves the award:

1. The Israel-UAE peace deal

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According to an exclusive Fox News interview with nominating Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde, Trump was named for a shot at the award predominantly as a result of his newly brokered and fully fledged peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

On Aug. 13, a meeting between Israeli and Emirati diplomats facilitated by the Trump administration ended with the inking of an agreement which will make UAE the third Arab nation to establish direct ties with Israel, while also halting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s annexation of lands sought by ethnic Palestinian leadership in the region, The Associated Press reported.

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