President Trump: “A catastrophic mistake for them”

President Trump: “A catastrophic mistake for them”

If you want my thoughts on President Trump’s full speech from Alamo, TX today, you can read those here.

They are from the heart.

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But now I want to talk about his other remarks from today, before boarding his plane to fly to Alamo.

Watch those here:

THIS is the defiant, fiery President Trump I know.

He doesn’t exactly sound to me like someone who is just giving up.

He sounds like someone who knows he has the support of 80+ million Americans and he knows that power that gives him.

I think his words are always chosen quite carefully and to hear him speak of a “catastrophic mistake” by Big Tech is telling.

It’s also very true.

Anyone seen TWTR stock recently? 

Timberrrr, watch out below!

And to hear him talk about how “there’s always a countermove” is music to my ears!

Yes there is Mr. President, and yes you have tremendous support!


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