PragerU: A Father’s Questions For Black Lives Matter

PragerU: A Father’s Questions For Black Lives Matter

In the latest video from PragerU, Dan Collins, a self-described “typical, Main Street American” with a large, multiracial family, asks the organization behind the Black Lives Matter movement some difficult questions. 

“I’m the proud father of thirteen children,” Collins explains (video below). “Eight are white and five, adopted, are black.”

“My family is my greatest joy, and my life is dedicated to their well-being and happiness,” Collins emphasizes. However, amid the current racial unrest, Collins states, he “genuinely doesn’t know how best to support my black children through this tumultuous and painful period in our history.”

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“Some say I should get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, while others say I should avoid it at all costs,” he says. “To help me figure this out, I have some questions for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.”

Before posing these questions, Collins provides some additional context, including a peaceful BLM demonstration in his hometown of La Mesa, California, which turned violent

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