PRAGER: What Will Happen If The Democrats Pack The Supreme Court

PRAGER: What Will Happen If The Democrats Pack The Supreme Court

Attention readers: Dennis Prager co-authored this column with Tim Groseclose, a professor of economics at George Mason University, where he holds the Adam Smith Chair at the Mercatus Center.

Exponential growth. It’s why plagues are so dangerous and compound interest is so wonderful.

It’s also why the Democrats’ flirting with court packing could destroy the Supreme Court and, with it, America as we know it.

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The following is a reasonable scenario:

Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court, which gives conservatives a 6-3 advantage (or 5-4, given that Chief Justice John Roberts has essentially become a swing vote).

Then, in January, having retained the Democrat-majority House, a President Joe Biden and a newly Democrat-controlled Senate decide to undo the advantage. Congress passes and Biden signs a new law expanding the Court to 15 members. Biden appoints six new liberal justices, handing the Left a 9-6 majority—a 60% advantage.

What happens when the Republicans regain power and they

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