Powerful Prophetic Dream Update From Hank Kunneman

Powerful Prophetic Dream Update From Hank Kunneman

A few days ago, I brought you this article:

Prophetic Timeline Update From Hank Kunneman: “A Red Sea Moment Is Coming!”

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Now I bring you an update.

This message below is overflowing with prophetic dreams, visions and updates for where we are headed.

It was published on November 6, where Pastor Hank Kunneman says he was awoken at 4:45am with a horrific dream.

In the dream was Joe Biden who was about to be announced as President by the Media.

Next in the dream arose Satan.

He was propping up Biden and speaking for him.

It goes on and on, but I can’t do it justice….you just need to watch it for yourself.

But here’s what I found very interesting.

That exact thing did happen just a couple days later.

We all know the Media has crowned Biden the winner.

Kunneman said to expect this.

He said don’t despair when you see it.

He explained why the 4:45am was

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