Powerful Bottom Signal Spotted In XRP, But There’s A Catch

Powerful Bottom Signal Spotted In XRP, But There’s A Catch

XRP price is back trading at right around a dollar per token, but according to a rare bottoming pattern spotted by a legendary technical trader on the Bitcoin trading pair, the surge is only just getting started.

However, there’s a catch. When it comes to this particular chart pattern and crypto – the same trader has gotten it very wrong before. Is this time different, or will this “powerful” bottom signal confirm?

XRP Begins Long Painful Road To Recovery After SEC Storm

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Ripple and company executives are still locked in a legal battle with the SEC, but just this week had a major victory in the court requiring the release of documents that offer insight into the entity’s findings on other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Before the news even broke, XRP pumped to more than $1 per token for the first time since 2018 on the USD

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