Postal Service urges voters to prepare for mail-in balloting

Postal Service urges voters to prepare for mail-in balloting

The under-the-gun U.S. Postal Service is telling Americans they have a shared responsibility to make sure mailed ballots reach official vote counters in time.

In an ongoing mass mailing of its own, the USPS states on a postcard, “We’re ready to deliver for you. Make sure you’re ready too.”

The notice comes as the Postal Service gears up for its most challenging political mission in history: deliver an estimated 80 million ballots by Nov. 3.

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In the process, Democrats have pummeled President Trump and USPS with allegations that it is deliberately slow-walking ballot delivery — a claim the postmaster general rejects.

One claim is that the Postal Service is removing those familiar blue collection boxes so there are fewer places to drop ballots.

A USPS report before the 2016 election said 12,000 boxes had been removed the previous five years during the Obama administration because they were underused. The Postal Service is delivering 30% fewer pieces of first-class mail

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