Portland Social Justice Movement ‘Hijacked’ By Anarchists, In Disarray: Report

Portland Social Justice Movement ‘Hijacked’ By Anarchists, In Disarray: Report

Nearly a year after “anarchist” violence began raging in Portland, Oregon, the Washington Post reported Tuesday that the “social justice” movement inspiring the often-destructive demonstrations is “splintered” and bickering over purposes and methods.

Portland’s homicide and gun violence rates have skyrocketed, as The Daily Wire reported on Monday, and the city’s minority residents are pressing back on the “social justice” movement, blaming the black-clad anarchists for forgetting the purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement that launched last year in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Now, the Washington Post said, the movement itself is in disarray, torn apart by disagreement over methods and concerns about whether the movement should prioritize defunding and dismantling the police force given that violent crime is on the rise and minority communities are most affected by the spike.

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“After months of social-justice activism that made Portland a vivid, sometimes violent focal point for a nation debating the same issues around police accountability and reform, the movement

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