Portland Restaurant Shot At for Being Pro-Police, Says Owner

Portland Restaurant Shot At for Being Pro-Police, Says Owner

A Portland restaurant owner says vandals shot and attacked his Heroes American Cafe on Sunday night after they targeted the “pro-police” establishment. Vandals shot holes in two windows and smashed a hole in a third with a baseball bat, according to a local report.

Heroes American Cafe owner John Jackson told The Oregonian his business partner received a threatening phone call targeting their cafes for being “pro-police.” The caller reportedly said they should expect “something” to happen.

Sunday night, something happened. Jackson received a phone call from an employee saying one of his cafes had been hit. Jackson and his wife went to the location and found two front windows shot out and a third smashed, the local newspaper reported.

“It looked like a planned thing because they called us on Thursday and threatened us,” Jackson told the reporter.

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KOIN6 reporter Jennifer Dowling covered the attack on Heroes American Cafe and tweeted:

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