Pope Francis Recommends Meditation as Barrier Against 'Daily Stress'

Pope Francis Recommends Meditation as Barrier Against 'Daily Stress'

ROME — Pope Francis urged Christians on Wednesday to take up the practice of meditation as a way to nourish the “inner life” and stave off stress and emptiness.

“The practice of meditation has received a great deal of attention in recent years,” the pontiff said during his weekly General Audience in the Vatican. “It is not only Christians who talk about it: the practice of meditation exists in almost all the world’s religions.”

Meditation is also “a widespread activity among people who do not have a religious view of life,” the pope added.

“We all need to meditate, to reflect, to discover ourselves, it is a human dynamic,” he said. “Especially in the voracious western world, people seek meditation because it represents a high barrier against the daily stress and emptiness that is everywhere.”

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In his address, the pope distinguished between Christian meditation and other forms, while

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