Pope Francis: Good Christians Are ‘Those Who Take Risks’

Pope Francis: Good Christians Are ‘Those Who Take Risks’

ROME — Pope Francis underscored Christianity’s entrepreneurial character Sunday, insisting that good Christians are those who generously take risks and put their talents to work.

“In the Gospel, good servants are those who take risks,” the pontiff told the faithful gathered for Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica. “They are not fearful and overcautious, they do not cling to what they possess, but put it to good use.”

The pope was reflecting on the gospel reading of the day that recounts Jesus’ parable of the talents, in which a master entrusts three servants with his property while he embarks on a journey. On returning, he calls in his servants to find what return they have made on his money. The master praises two servants who invested his money and doubled it, while chastising the third servant who buried the money and made nothing.

“For if goodness is not invested, it

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