Pope Francis: Climate Change Is Causing ‘Poverty and Hunger’

Pope Francis: Climate Change Is Causing ‘Poverty and Hunger’

ROME — Pope Francis said Saturday that it is “evident” climate change is to blame for a number of humanity’s social ills, as well as disrupting the balance of nature.

“It is evident that climate change not only upsets the balance of nature, but causes poverty and hunger, affects the most vulnerable, and sometimes forces them to leave their land,” the pope told a group gathered in the Vatican on Saturday.

As he has done on other occasions, Francis insisted on the relationship between environmental responsibility and social justice.

“Neglect of creation and social injustices influence each other: it can be said that there is no ecology without justice and there is no justice without ecology,” he said.

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The pope’s audience consisted of participants in a meeting of members of the Laudato Sì community, named after the pontiff’s 2015 encyclical letter on the environment, which bears the same name.


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