Pollak: The Dream of Peace in Israel Is Becoming a Reality

Pollak: The Dream of Peace in Israel Is Becoming a Reality

Something extraordinary is happening in the Middle East — and for once, it is something good.

Over the past several weeks, Arab and Muslim countries have been stepping forward to offer peace and good relations with Israel.

First there was the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is establishing “full normalization” with the Jewish state, and will formalize an agreement at the White House later this month.

Then there was Kosovo, which is establishing relations with Israel and putting an embassy in Jerusalem under the terms of a deal brokered by the Trump administration last week.

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Then Chad, a majority-Muslim nation, announced earlier this week that it will be putting an embassy in Jerusalem. Saudi Arabia announced that it will allow Israeli commercial flights above its airspace — not just to Dubai, but to all eastbound destinations.

The Palestinian Authority tried to convince the Arab League to denounce the UAE’s peace

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