Pollak: Crowdsourcing the Trump Presidential Library

Pollak: Crowdsourcing the Trump Presidential Library

President Donald Trump has an opportunity to build the best presidential library in U.S. history. None of his predecessors was a builder. And none lived in Florida, with a massive tourism industry and a regulatory climate favoring development.

Journalists and Democrats have already begun a campaign to prevent Trump from ever building a presidential library. Not just because they hate him, but also because they know it could be the best.

Trump has not yet tipped his hand about any library plans. But his supporters are a creative bunch, and could begin “crowdsourcing” a library design, just as they often came up with his best ads, memes, and slogans.

In that spirit, here are seven guidelines that a Trump library should follow:

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1. Profitable. The Trump presidential library should be financially independent of the federal government. It should be an attraction that pays for itself — not just through admission

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