Poll Shows Huge Democrat Sex Split over Foreign Workers

Poll Shows Huge Democrat Sex Split over Foreign Workers

Democrat women strongly oppose the corporate skilled-labor importation policies that are cheered on by the majority of Democrat men, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports.

The 21-point poll gap creates a hidden split within the pro-amnesty Democrat Party that can help GOP politicians who want to win over Democrat college voters with a platform of pro-American pocketbook policies.

The polling gap also revealed another vulnerability in President Joe Biden’s unpopular amnesty, which includes several provisions that would allow corporations to import an unlimited number of foreign graduates for the careers needed by American graduates and their adult children.

An outright majority of Democrat men say Congress should let companies import skilled foreign workers instead of hiring and training Americans, according to the January 31-February 4 poll of 1,250 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports. The detailed data on Democrat men and women were provided by Rasmussen at Breitbart’s request.

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