Poll: Pro-China Carrie Lam Most Unpopular Leader in Hong Kong History


Hong Kong’s pro-China Chief Executive Carrie Lam is officially the least popular leader in the region’s history, according to a public survey published this week.

The latest polling from Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute indicates that Lam has an approval rating of just 22.3 percent, making her the least popular head of the city since the U.K. gave Hong Kong up to China in 1997.

When asked if they would vote for Lam if they had universal suffrage, 15 percent of people said they would, also marking a three percent drop from the last survey and a record low. Another 80 percent said they definitely would not vote for her, also marking a six percent increase and a record high.

The institute had a sample range of 1,004 people between September 30 and October 3 by landline and mobile phone.

Her collapse in popularity comes as pro-democracy demonstrations continue across

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