Poll: Plurality Say Race Relations 'Worse' Under President Biden

Poll: Plurality Say Race Relations 'Worse' Under President Biden

A plurality of U.S. voters believe race relations have gotten “worse” under President Joe Biden, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday found.

The survey asked respondents, “Are race relations in the United States better or worse since the election of President Biden?”

A plurality, 39 percent, said race relations are “worse,” followed by 28 percent who said “better,” 28 percent who said “about the same,” and 5 percent who remained unsure. Republicans are more likely to say race relations have worsened, 65 percent to the Democrats’ 16 percent.

A plurality of black Americans, 36 percent, say race relations are “about the same” under Biden, followed by 34 percent who said “better” and 24 percent who said “worse.”

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Notably, during the general election, many of Biden’s most ardent supporters argued race relations would drastically improve under President Joe Biden.

When asked if life for young black Americans has

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