Poll – Nearly HALF of Americans Want Vaccine Passports!

Poll – Nearly HALF of Americans Want Vaccine Passports!

If this poll is remotely close, the fight against vaccine passports will be tougher than I thought.

According to Rasmussen, around 44% of Americans think the concept of vaccine passports is a good idea.

Naturally, I don’t trust any polls but Rasmussen isn’t the worst one in the polling business.

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44%, that’s frightening.

That many Americans believe in medical tyranny and a two-tiered caste system that discriminates against those not willing to put an experimental drug into their body?

I want a larger sample size to prove that’s the case.

Because the more people we have fighting against vaccine passports, the easier it will be to thwart these authoritarians in power.

Here’s more:

44% of Voters Approve ‘Vaccine Passport’ https://t.co/0cjktcBduj pic.twitter.com/IfRxjNsGrO

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) April 1, 2021

62% of those who say they’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine believe it’s a good idea to require proof of vaccination . . .https://t.co/0cjktcBduj pic.twitter.com/rta3BPRNxA

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll)

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