Poll: Nearly 6-in-10 Floridians Oppose Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens


Almost six-in-ten voters in Florida say they oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in the state, a new poll finds.

About 59 percent of all voters in Florida said they oppose the latest push by the open borders lobby to provide driver’s licenses to all eligible illegal aliens of the state’s nearly 800,000 illegal population, according to a University of North Florida survey.

Meanwhile, less than 40 percent of Floridians said they supported giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Half of all swing voters said they oppose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, while a minority of 42 percent of swing voters support such a policy.

Nearly 90 percent of Republican voters in Florida oppose the policy. Across the upper middle class and working class Floridians, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens is unpopular with a majority.

For example, those with a college degree said by a 56 percent majority that

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