Poll: Indian-American Voters Back Joe Biden by 3:1

Poll: Indian-American Voters Back Joe Biden by 3:1

Indian-American voters are overwhelmingly backing Joe Biden and Democrats, even though GOP legislators support the Fortune 500’s transfer of many Americans’ jobs to Indian visa-workers and immigrants.

‘Seventy-two percent of registered Indian American voters plan to vote for Biden, and 22 percent intend to vote for Trump in the 2020 November election … [and] this tilt is more pronounced for U.S.-born Indian Americans,” an October 14 report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said.

Some of the Indian-American voters are focused on economic issues, roughly 9 percent are Christian, and some are eager to integrate into the United States. But like many other immigrant groups, many Indians resent their status as outside minorities in European-based culture and history. United States history is barely 300 years old, but many Indians are proud of their culture’s 3,000-year history.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats promise to help outsiders by imposing diversity on Americans’ coherent culture

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