Poll: Brits Hate It When Companies Preach About ‘Social Issues’

Poll: Brits Hate It When Companies Preach About ‘Social Issues’

Britons would prefer that companies focus on profits rather than discuss “social issues.”

The United Kingdom’s Centre for Policy Studies gave survey respondents ten possible ways that British business can be “good corporate citizens.” Only 9% of voters indicated that they want companies to “speak out on important social issues that matter in Britain today.” 

Far larger shares of respondents — especially among Conservative Party voters — believe that it is more important for companies to “make a profit so they can continue to create jobs for British workers.” Other popular responses were for companies to “go above and beyond for their workforce” and “instill mutual respect and appreciation between employees and employers.” 

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The survey also revealed that only 18% of respondents consider themselves “woke.” 63% asserted that the United Kingdom is “a nation of equality and freedom” rather than an “institutionally racist and discriminatory” country. Meanwhile, 64% of Britons think “cancel culture has gone too far and that people should be

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