POLL: 85% Of Voters Believe America Is ‘Greatly Divided’

POLL: 85% Of Voters Believe America Is ‘Greatly Divided’

The vast majority of voters think that the nation is fundamentally divided over important issues, a new AP/NORC poll found.

85% of voters said that they believed the country is “greatly divided,” with just 34% saying that they expected the country to become less divided over the next 5 years. 65% of voters said that the reelection of President Donald Trump would lead to more division in the United States, while 17% said that the president’s reelection would make the country more united.

35% believed the election of Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden would make the country more divided, and 47% said Biden’s election would make the country more united, the poll found. (RELATED: Support For Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation Continues To Rise, Poll Says)

A new AP-NORC poll finds the overwhelming majority of voters believe the nation is deeply divided over its most important values. Supporters of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden alike think the opposing candidate will make things worse. https://t.co/JrGadyFpFq

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— The Associated Press (@AP) October 16, 2020

Voters are also pessimistic about the success of democracy. 15% of respondents said that democracy is working extremely well or very well, and

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