Poll: 72% In Favor of Requiring Photo ID to Vote

Poll: 72% In Favor of Requiring Photo ID to Vote

An AP-NORC poll released Friday morning shows an overwhelming majority of Americans favor requiring a photo ID in order to vote.

The poll shows public support for voter reform on both sides of the aisle. Seventy-two percent of those polled supported some sort of voter identification requirements. Ninety-one percent of Republicans backed requiring all voters to provide photo ID in order to vote. Fifty-six percent of Democrats said the same.

The poll also found an overall 60 percent of Americans think adults should automatically be registered to vote when they get their driver’s license or any state identification card. Forty-seven percent of Republicans and a majority (76 percent) of Democrats wanted to see this happen across the country.

Also, an overall 53 percent of Americans feel people should be allowed to register and vote on the same day at the polling place. Only 38 percent of Republicans supported

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