Poll: 62% Of Trump Supporters Say They Will Support Him No Matter What


Fake News media, get ready to flip!

Despite Democrat attempts to take down Trump using any means possible – including their nonsense impeachment inquiry – and mainstream media’s constant slandering of our president’s name, well over half of President Trump’s supporters say that nothing he could do would change their mind about him.

According to the Monmouth University poll, 62% of Americans that approve of the great job President Trump is doing as president say that they will continue to support him, no matter what!

Check it out:

NEW POLL: 62 percent of Trump fans say they support him no matter what https://t.co/uo5yNxMYtN pic.twitter.com/4zMu9V5VkO

— The Hill (@thehill) November 5, 2019

62% of people who approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president say they can’t think of anything he could do that would cause him to lose their support, according to a new Monmouth poll. https://t.co/Hy9vULDjFO

— Axios (@axios) November 5, 2019

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