POLL: 44% Of Wealthy New Yorkers Have Considered Moving Out Of The City

POLL: 44% Of Wealthy New Yorkers Have Considered Moving Out Of The City

A survey from the Manhattan Institute found that 44% of New Yorkers who are making more than $100,000 a year have considered moving out of the city in the past 4 months.

69% of people who said they had considered moving cited the cost of living and 47% said crime contributed to their desire to leave the city, according to the poll.

NEW POLL: More than 40 percent of high earners have considered leaving New York Cityhttps://t.co/sQzjh5Y9OB pic.twitter.com/lYTAZaBjvv

— The Hill (@thehill) September 16, 2020

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53% of wealthy New Yorkers are working completely from home, while only 11% are working entirely outside of their home, according to the report. Only 30% believed that the way they work would return to how it was before the coronavirus pandemic – 65% said that they thought working from home would be the “new normal.” (RELATED: ‘He Better Have An Army’: Andrew Cuomo Says Donald Trump Is Not Welcome In New York)

The vast majority – 80% – of high-income New Yorkers believe that the economy will not recover from the pandemic within 1 year.

High income New Yorkers also reported negative feelings about the quality of life

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