Poll: 42% Of Young Americans, 19% Of Republicans Would Vote For A Socialist President


Hundreds Of Foreign Students Committing Visa Fraud Arrested After Being Duped By ICE’s Fake University 

It’s Here: The Ultimate Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019 Amazon Edition (Updated)

Ed Henry Presses Matt Gaetz On Why He’s Not ‘Demanding’ White House Counsel’s Presence At Hearing

Buttigieg Promises To Return Donations From Lawyers Who Represented Kavanaugh

Three Women Accuse Gordon Sondland Of Sexual Misconduct

Trump Signs Pro-Hong Kong Legislation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Outraises All House Democrats In Third Quarter: Report

Massive Deer Drinks A Beer In Incredible Viral Video

Giuliani Reportedly Pursued Personal Business Dealings In Ukraine While Pushing For Investigations

Trump Reportedly Knew Of Whistleblower Complaint Before Releasing Aid To Ukraine

Hunter Biden’s Alleged Baby Mama Worked At DC Strip Club Under Stage Name ‘Dallas’: Report

Van-Driving, NRA-Loving Jamaican Man Reportedly ‘Emptied’ Glock In Armed Crook’s Chest: ‘Not Going

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