Poll: 2-in-3 U.S. Voters Say Feds Are 'Biased in Favor' of Big Banks

Poll: 2-in-3 U.S. Voters Say Feds Are 'Biased in Favor' of Big Banks

The majority of American voters say the federal government is “biased in favor of bankers,” while only a fraction believe there is a bias toward United States consumers, a poll reveals.

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll finds that about 66 percent of Americans say the federal government favors the nation’s biggest banks over consumers. Meanwhile, just six percent said the government favors consumers and 20 percent said they were unsure.

Most notable is that registered Republicans and supporters of former President Donald Trump are slightly more likely than registered Democrats and supporters of President Joe Biden to say the government favors the big banks.

For example, almost seven-in-ten Trump supporters said the government favors bankers on Wall Street over consumers, while 67 percent of Biden supporters said the same. Similarly, 66 percent of swing voters and 64 percent of Republicans said the government favors banks, while 61 percent of Democrats

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