PolitiFact Not Very ‘Interested’ In Fact-Checking Vice President

PolitiFact Not Very ‘Interested’ In Fact-Checking Vice President

Vice President Kamala Harris blatantly lied to Axios in an interview published this week, claiming the new administration was forced to start “from scratch” with vaccine distribution. National Institutes of Health Director Anthony Fauci rejected that assertion last month when White House staff peddled the same lie.

“We’re starting from scratch,” Harris told Axios.

“We’re certainly not starting from scratch,” Fauci said in January.

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Indeed, the Biden administration started far ahead of “scratch.”

Operation Warp Speed, the project President Donald Trump launched to accelerate vaccine development and distribution, put the Biden White House on pace to reach its initial goal of 100 million vaccine shots administered in its first 100 days. While Biden, after being called out, upped the goal to 150 million vaccine doses in 100 days, the pace of 1 million shots per day remains Trump’s accomplishment. In fact, on the day after Biden was inaugurated, 1.3 million Americans were inoculated, according to Bloomberg News.

PolitiFact has

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