Politico Founding Editor: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is the 'End of Trumpism'


Politico founding editor John F. Harris has published a lengthy column in which he argues that the coronavirus marks the “end of Trumpism.”

The pandemic marks “a new political epoch,” Harris argues, that “will last much longer than the crisis itself.”

The major change, he says, will be an increased need to rely on scientific experts, who — he appears to presume — President Donald Trump and his followers do not trust, based on their opposition to the scientific consensus on climate change.

The result, Harris says, is that “Trumpism” must retreat in the face of technocratic rule:

One way to gauge the power of these currents—crisis fueled by frightening science—is by watching the change in President Donald Trump. There is no way to know for certain what the coronavirus means for his reelection. But already it is evident what it has meant for Trumpism. It has sent it

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