Political violence must be denounced by the right — and the left

Political violence must be denounced by the right — and the left

Unless you had something harsh to say when they looted Macy’s Herald Square last June, you don’t have much standing for speaking harshly about what happened Wednesday at the US Capitol.

Then, I did. “The nihilists,” I wrote, “just took another bite out of the Big Apple.”

Well, violent nihilism ­descended upon the District of Columbia Wednesday afternoon, leaving a stain that will discolor American politics for some time to come. And President Trump’s crabbed call for peace only made matters worse.

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Alas, it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

But first, this: Tear gas would have been too good for the low-rent anarchists who broke police lines to invade an iconic national public building — and who in so doing disgraced the stars and stripes they carried with them. Some cracked skulls wouldn’t have been over the line, either.

Yet let’s be clear: Political violence, mostly tolerated and too often encouraged by many of the nation’s leaders, has been

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