Police groups back requiring college classes for recruits

Police groups back requiring college classes for recruits

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California organizations encompassing both police chiefs and rank-and-file officers proposed legislation Thursday in the wake of recent civil unrest that they said would raise standards for police recruiting and training while increasing diversity.

Prospective officers should have to complete college classes that the groups said would prepare them “to meet the expectations of a modern police force,” including courses on mental health, social services, psychology and communication.

It’s part of what Brian Marvel, president of the Peace Officers Research Association of California, said must be “a culture shift” not only within police ranks but in how officers are viewed by the public.

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The goal is to recruit and train officers so they are “in the best possible position to serve their communities in the way their communities want to be served,” said Eric Nunez, president of California Police Chiefs Association.

Education requirements have not kept pace with the rapidly evolving nature of the job, Nunez

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