‘Pointless but incredible'— New electric car mines crypto while it's parked

‘Pointless but incredible'— New electric car mines crypto while it's parked

Canadian light electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak has announced an upcoming electric car that can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge — when it’s charging or parked.

According to the firm’s June 1 announcement, The “Spiritus” electric car is set to roll out in 2023 and will come fitted with “an industry-leading GPU in mining price-to-profit.” However, details are sparse on what the specific capabilities of the mining hardware are.

“Daymak Spiritus the first car in history with mining hardware and cryptocurrency technology programmed into the user interface,” the announcement stated.

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Crypto interface – Daymak

Every Spiritus will be an “environmentally-friendly crypto miner node,” that includes the Daymak Nebular mining hardware, the Nebular crypto wallet, and solar charging capabilities. Daymak has touted that, unlike other vehicles, the Spiritus will not be a depreciating asset:

“Whereas most vehicles are depreciating while they sit in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked.”

Despite the technological feat, it may

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