Podcast: Getting White Pilled With Michael Malice

Podcast: Getting White Pilled With Michael Malice

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech and Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway sit down with host of the podcast and YouTube show “Your Welcome,” Michael Malice, to discuss the media’s conduct amidst the presidential election.

If taking a “black pill” means you abandon all hope, Malice explains, taking a “white pill” is the belief that the good guys can still win. Malice is the author of “The New Right.”

“The white pill is simply the realization that the claim that people like Joy-Ann Reid and the New York Times and the Harvard Law Faculty, that their victory is inevitable is an absurdity. And as long as there’s a possibility that the good guys will win, that is all you need to sustain you in life,” Malice said. 

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“The good guys have won and they don’t want you to remember that the good guys have won,” he added.

The mainstream press adds to this white pill phenomenon by operating

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